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Shenzhen IDRFID Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise that integratesresearch and development, production, and sales. We have professional productionand sales teams dedicated to the production and sales of RFID tags, RFID devices andRFID cards, helping to promote the development of the Internet of Things. 

Company Scale: The sales and service team is located in Shenzhen, themanufacturing factory is located in Huizhou, and there are nine offices nationwide.

Product Categories: Including dry and wet inlay in various frequency bands such asultra-high frequency(860-960MHz) and high frequency(13.56MHz), finished rfid tag, rfid card, fixed RFID reader, handheld RFID reader, RFID printer, etc.

Production Capacity

Flip-chip: With a monthly production of 80 million dry inlays, the delivery time is fastand accurate. 

Compounding: Customized processing and production of various rfid tags, accurate and fast.

Data Encoding: Customized printing and coding based on customer needs. 

Quality Control: A complete set of rfid tag performance testing equipment, with allstages of the production process controlled throughout, ensuring a 100% yield rate.

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Contact person:Phoenix Xu
Phone:+86 13590505274
Address:Room 208, Building C, Yunhai Enterprise Headquarters Base, No.42 Caiyun Road, Jixiang Community, Longcheng Street, Longgang District, Shenzhen, China 518172
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